Quality Concession Equipment Made in USA & Europe
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Quality Concession Equipment Made in USA & Europe

About us

Who We Are

VAT Registered Since 2003 as Fast Popcorn. We have developed an online platform with our best selling products trading as Catering Ideas.

Catering Ideas offers specialist concessions equipment for different multiple market sectors to explore and pursue. Our product range comprises popcorn machines whatever size you need, whatever application you need, warmer cabinets, display cabinets, hot dog grills, bun warmers, donut making machines, chestnut roasting machines, nut and almond caramelisers and so much more.

Our products are suitable for a wide range of market applications including cinemas, theatres, supermarkets and schools, retail kiosks, amusement parks, theme parks, sports stadiums, events venues, gourmet shops, bars, restaurants cafes and manufacturing popping plants.

Catering Ideas sources all kinds of equipment from the USA, Europe & UK and to simplify the huge choice of models, specifications and colours,

we have developed an online shop with our best selling products. Ourselection of Products are high quality and reliable.

Please navigate our site to gain further information for the things which are needed or used for a particular purpose or task and identify the options that are available to select for your product requirements, which further enables you to purchase your equipment online.

However, please contact Catering Ideas to discuss your individual requirements further if you require installation for some of our featured products or assistance in selecting the correct product configuration.

From matching up and selecting the right concessions equipment you’ll be instantly providing a new “Catering Offer” for your customers.

Innovative Equipment

We are an exclusive supplier of innovative concessions equipment and leading supplier of popcorn machines, nut and chestnut roasting machines. Our machines are American-made and European made. Concessions are fun food—that’s why we call our popcorn machines, donut making machines, hot dog steamers, grills, caramelisers, chestnut roasting machines and mobile service counters quality concession equipment. Perfect for businesses, schools or concessionaires, our popcorn machine selection is top-of-the-line, and our concession supplies are both affordable and of the highest quality.

Perhaps you are interested in concessions for your rec room or home theater—a growing number of families are adding things like a popcorn or hotdog machines and popcorn poppers to their own homes. When it comes to fun food, catering ideas has popcorn machines and candyfloss machines in a variety of sizes and styles, and you can be sure that we have durable, user-friendly and stylish products to meet all your concession needs.

We even offer other speciality equipment such as chestnut cutting machines and chestnut warmers as concession supply accessories for business opportunities for those who would like to turn fun food into a serious profitable business.

A Popcorn machine in Whatever Size and Application You Need!

Popular and Profitable, Popcorn is a traditional treat wherever crowds gather for fun, sport, or entertainment. It also complements many other food and drink refreshments you may already offer. A good movie goes better with a hearty serving of popcorn, buttered and salted to palate pleasing perfection. The same is true for watching a good stadium game or the community fund-raiser. To keep the delicious, healthy snack flowing, you or your organization needs a high quality, high capacity popcorn popper like the Jolly Pop Series. We offer you the right size for your needs.

Quality Over Quantity

Rather than supplying cheap models, we offer select, top-quality models and sizes at price points that suit all customers’ needs. All products are made in America, Europe and UK – unmatched in their quality, craftsmanship and design, and built to last. Brands that can be trusted, Catering Ideas site offers equipment – for reliability and quality.

Function and Price

With catering ideas concession equipment, you don’t sacrifice quality or function for price. Every machine we supply is solidly constructed, user friendly, safe – and priced competitively.

Machines for Everyone

We have models and sizes for every use. Many businesses use our equipment as a profit center, offering popcorn, candyfloss or roasted nuts for retail. Others promote goodwill to their customers by offering them a great tasting snack from one of our 8- or 6-ounce popcorn machines. And our four-ounce popper is extremely popular as a home theater popcorn machine.

Some of sectors we supply

  • Cinema & Theatre – Stadiums & Events
  • Food Retailing & Grocery – Gourmet Shops & Convenience
  • Petrol Stations & Forecourts – Wholesalers
  • Hospitality & Leisure – Gastronomical & Bars
  • Amusements Parks – Bowling Alleys
  • Contract & Mobile Caterers
  • Education & Schools – Facilities Management:

Reasons why we supply:

Optimizing revenue generation – New products procurements – Innovating your retail proposition – or just simply seeking New business opportunities and Trend setting products.

Whatever your requirements or needs; We offer the most popular products from our range of concession equipment. We are sure that you will be able to find what you’re looking for within the products section of the site. We offer total coverage of products.