Quality Concession Equipment Made in USA & Europe
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Quality Concession Equipment Made in USA & Europe


Doughnuts are gently fed into the oil and a turnover device automatically turns the doughnuts, ensuring a perfect finish each and every time.

BETTER QUALITY DONUTS – With a Donut Robot, each donut is deposited at the right time, in the right place. Each donut is given the same amount of frying time and gently turned over at the same point. Because of the controlled conditions, donuts made on a Donut Robot absorb up to 50% less shortening than they do in standard kettle fryers.

EASIER – Just fill up the hopper with donut batter and leave the machine to itself. There’s no standing over the fryer, no donut sticks and no turning or flipping. Automatic, while high quality, consistent and repeatable donuts are produced time after time.

MORE PRODUCTIVE – With a Donut Robot, no time is lost manually depositing donuts, or taking donuts out with screens.

MORE FUN TO USE – The operator is free to do other jobs, while the machine is busy making donuts.

MORE FUN TO WATCH – A Donot Robot is less bulky than an open kettle fryer and is an irresistible attraction to customers and passers – by.

FULLY AUTOMATIC Donut Robot Range: All models are electric & feature electrically powered conveyors. All standard models can produce mini donuts with a “mini donut conversion kit”.

Fully Automatic range

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