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Quality Concession Equipment Made in USA & Europe

If you’re looking for different tastes, more variations and more specific receipes. SET UP A MICRO POPPING GOURMET PLANT – One major trend to produce and make gourmet popcorn. There’s been a revolution around popcorn which has made popcorn a lot more diverse and interesting. As this interest in Gourmet Popcorn has risen, there’s been an increase in the amount of Professional Concessionaires seeking to produce more rather distinct bold flavours or subtle flavours, depending on the market sector you are aiming.

Gourmet POPCORN can be simply a tangy cheese flavor made from cheese paste warmed and added to the popcorn or from natural ingredients conjured and experimented by the operator comparable to Chefs unqiue signature dishes but in Popcorn. Ideas could range from rosemary, pepper and blue stilton to create a signature taste Popcorn. The ideas are endless and the profits are too. Huge Growth Potential for the more discerning palatable of tastes.

Gourmet Popcorn Equipment

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