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Quality Concession Equipment Made in USA & Europe

NEW – Flying Cotton Candy !

Cotton Candy Machine,… Reinvented !

RoboJet Floss is a machine like no other. Utilizing a 3600 RPM spinning head combined with a powerful updraft fan impeller. This innovation allows you to build massive cones in mid-air!

Entertain your customers in the process !

Literally do your own Show – Grab more attention, earn more money

Be outstanding – Take up a new niche “artistic candy-floss”

Become the most invited party artist


  • Production rate – up to 5kg/hr
  • Cold start time – 20 seconds for RoboJetFloss pro
  • Voltage – 120/240v (50/60Hz)
  • Power – 1700W
  • Dimensions -670x670x480mm
  • Weight – 15kg

Cotton Candy Machines, ..  Reinvented !  

It’s not the machine that we sell, we sell the show !

Model 1: RoboJet-Floss – is a machine like no other. With our equipment you will not only be able to make cotton candy, but to turn the process into a show.

Basic model for beginners

Features-“Flying Cotton Candy”

 Unique in Floating Cotton Candy upwards in an even, steady and powerful flow

Cotton Candy machine RoboJetFloss with vertical air flow of candyfloss. Thanks to vertical air flow, the operator can swirl cotton candy servings of unlimited size, up to 2 meters in diameter. After some practice operator can swirl candy floss on 5 meter distance from the machine. Due to unique and patented design the machine can operate under different ambient conditions, both indoor and outdoor.

Price to be confirmed

Model 2: Robo JetFloss Pro has all the benefits as RoboJetFloss, but Pro version has extra feature, “Cold start button” that makes possible to heat up the head very fast, even with stopped motor. This feature provides an operator with opportunity to heat up the machine enough for the first portion of cotton candy just in 20 seconds! Experienced users will appreciate this feature for sure!

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